RPG Resources

I like to write, and create, and that comes out in my gaming. I can't help but extend the games that I participate in, and have also written a bit of my own. I've made some of these available here.

The Dresden Files RPG

I've been running a Dresden Files RPG Chronicle, The Shenandoah Reports for some time now, and have accumulated some tools that I use to run the game, and have made them available below.

Fate Action Cards are an idea borrowed from Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, to help a player that was stymied by the fact that there are on the surface of the combat few options available, but these can be applied creatively to make many actual combat actions. They take the basic abilities that a character has, and iterate several in game effects that they could be translated into. They seem to have helped a lot!

Foldable Character Sheets were borrowed from another Fate game, Diaspora. They fold such that pertinent information is available to the player, and other character defining information is visible to the other players (and the game master) at the table. They help with immersion, as you not only see the player sitting across from you, but the character. They also help with compels, as the aspects are now visible to all around the table.

Dresden Files RPG character template for the NBOS Software free Character Sheet Designer. It was created by printing out the character sheet provided with the Dresden Files RPG to PNG format, importing a resized version into the designer, and putting form fillable fields over the fields in the sheet. A lot more handy than using a PDF in my opinion.