200 Word RPG 2018 - Stick it to the Man!

The 200 Word RPG has opened again for 2018, and I'm entering again. It's a pretty good goal at 200 words, but it's harder than it appears. I couldn't get anyone to chime in on it until the last minute, so it's been pretty much a solo effort. I did get my wife and daughter to read it; they're not gamers so I received a unique perspective that pretty much echoed /u/wthit56 on Reddit who chimed in at the last minute. The help was really appreciated, as the feedback refined a lot, and hopefully made it easier to understand. I'm still not totally satisfied, but the bell tolls, and I don't want to wait until the absolute last minute. It's exactly 200 words, entitled Stick it to the Man!.

Stick it to the Man!

Stick it to the Man!

Requires tokens, paper, 3-5 players.


One player is The Man.

The others are the Rebels.

When you hurt The Man, you create Consequence.

Each Rebel has an Approach. Ask The Man:

What is your Goal (recommended 30)

Start with 0 Consequence tokens, and 5 Influence tokens.


Ask The Man, "What's going on?"

He'll describe, including:

The Man bids a hidden Challenge: Target + waged Consequence.

Choose a Rebel to bid Effort: Hurt + waged Influence.

Rebels win if Effort exceeds the Challenge.

Winner tells result. Losers shut their piehole.


If the Rebels's non-fixed Influence goes below zero, they are crushed. The Man tells what happens.

If their Influence exceeds the Goal and is higher than current Consequence they win and tell how.

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