Game Chef 2016

Game Chef has rolled around again, and I've thrown my hat into the ring. The theme, technology, jumped out at me. But in a more contrary manner- to concentrate on the lack of technology, or technology gone awry. But the ingredients... alarm, dance, sketch, and sunlight. I started in despair, trying to figure out how to apply them.

My first stab was to look towards space. A generation ship that sails on solar winds, failing as the system that it finds itself has a dying star. All of the systems are solar powered, and the crew struggles against entropy. I thought that was what I was going to do. But then, as I was gathering my thoughts, Ellas Danzan Solas by Sting came to mind. Women dancing to mourn their loved ones in a situation that they can't change otherwise. But that sounded more a short story, than a game. How could I integrate this. With some prompting from the Game Chef google+ community, a solution was found.

Imagine a dying Earth, where the nights are frigidly cold, and the days are blisteringly hot. Where humanity has lost its place as masters of the planet, supplanted by their own robotic inventions. No one remembers why. No one knows why the climate has deteriorated. They only know that something must be done, even as humanity's extinction event draws ever closer.

And so, I present Mercury Falling, my entry for Game Chef 2016.

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