200 Word RPG 2017 - Fire of the Gods

Given the fact that I completed my first entry for the 200 Word RPG before the submission date, and it rekindled something in me in regards to writing, I decided to do another entry. It's not as polished, and I didn't get editing help, but it is a good exercise in taking what I was given, and trying to use it for something else.

With that in mind, I present my second entry: Fire of the Gods.

Fire of the Gods


Long ago, Divinity left the world; the gods disappeared. But that Fireremained in their bloodlines, and it has been rekindled.

What will you do with the power of a god?


The GM frames the world with two simple questions:

Narrate your god's description and background; all gods are exceptional. Choose a Realm, assign 5 points between Mundane (operating as a mortal) and Divine (operating as a god), minimum 1 point. Also start with 5 Numina (the divine Fire).


Divine always trumps Mundane; chance is only for similar forces. Divinecan be used within a god's Realm, or when Numina is spent. Players roll dice, taking 2d6- one fortune and one fate. Roll, subtracting fate from fortune, adding stat, and optionally Numina.

Each use of Divine gives the GM Fate, which can be spent anytime to subtract one from a roll, narratively justified. Numina can be used to negate hits, but at 0 Numina, the next hits cause tremendous stress on the god's body; the GM will keep you posted.

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