Creating a Game

I've been playing role-playing games for the longest time, and writing for just a bit longer.

I've written for three role-playing game products that were published, or will be published. And I liked the feeling of writing for a role-playing game, no matter the extent.

I've written for NaGaDeMon and Game Chef and 200 word RPG, and I don't think that what I've written has been totally terrible.

I've also been hacking role-playing games since I started playing them, and tweaking the system and creating backgrounds. I have boxes full of notebooks on my alterations and campaigns.

I've also been playing play-by-emails for over a decade. I host that has a wiki dedicated to play-by-email games.

One thing I have noticed- play-by-emails usually use minimal systems, and are very much ruled by GM fiat. Amber, the diceless role-playing system is utilized in a lot of cases, and is very much based upon how the GM rules in regards to your prose.

I have decided to make my own RPG, that gives the players more agency other than just their writing and the GM's opinions. To truly make the game, I will need funds beyond my own means, and talents that I don't have, like layout and art. I can use stock art, and learn to layout the book myself, but I'd prefer that it be a professional effort. To that end, I want to create a Patreon to chronicle my efforts, and gather playtesters, and hopefully create some hype. Then, I wish to finally run a Kickstarter.

My idea is to have the game text written, and give that away to backers for free (and later sell the book, but make it creative commons), and focus on the worlds and campaigns as the products.

So I have my plan. I've almost finished with the rules, but need to make my first campaign book for it. Then, I need to start a Patreon, and gather playtesters, and put the work in to make it happen. It's a daunting task, truth be told. But I really want to make it happen.

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